Mosaic can spice up your life

Posted on September 7, 2011


My mom had an old glass table in the backyard that she wanted to get rid of because it was old and mildew started to form around the edges. We went to Pier 1 to look for new tables, and although the tables were beautiful, they were out of our budget. Instead, I decided to upgrade our table and make it look good as new. A natural and Tuscan look inspired me to make a mosaic table.


  1. If you’re using an outside table, bring the table inside. I unscrewed only the top of the table and put it inside. Lay many towels under the table to prevent a mess.
  2. Draw the image you want in sharpie, for example, I drew a sunflower. The lines in your drawing should separate the colors and make it easier to place the mosaic tiles.
  3. If you’re making a small table you can buy pre-cut tiles at Hobby Lobby. (go to no. 6)
  4. If you’re working with a big table buy large colored glass sheets.
  5. Break the glass sheets by wrapping a towel around the sheets, placing them in a cardboard box, and them hammering away at them.
  6. Be careful when you’re handling the pieces, use gloves if necessary.
  7. Place the pieces inside the image you drew on the table. [TIP: only place a few pieces on at a time, and then use tile adhesive (also found at Hobby Lobby) and glue them down]
  8. After all the pieces are placed you need to grout the table. I found my grout at Hobby Lobby, but as long as it is mosaic grout and good for the outdoors, it should be fine.
  9. Lastly, seal your table with grout sealer.
Follow the instructions on the labels for glue, grout, and sealer. Each brand is different so read the bottles. If these instructions don’t appeal to you, yet you still want to do the project read HGTV’s website about how to mosaic a table.

WARNING: I worked on this  4 ft. by 4 ft. table at a slow, yet steady rate, and it took me a month to make. If you are going to attempt this project make sure you have the time and space to spare.

Katie Pearson

Like this? Let’s make this complex design simple. 

Make a mosaic coaster just by buying this simple kit. It will make all your guests ask where you got the coasters and then you can proudly say that you made them.

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