Present them with rings

Posted on October 18, 2011


My parents recently celebrated their anniversary, and I was trying to be creative in what present to get them. Like any college student I didn’t have a lot of money to spend so I decided to make something. I know “making something” sounds like something a 4th-grader would do for their parents, but “making something” can turn out to be a nice gift if done right. I drew them a picture of their weddings rings and my moms engagement ring with charcoal and framed it for them.


  1. Buy toned paper, black charcoal, white charcoal, a smudge stick, and a kneedable eraser. These supplies could be found at any art store.
  2. To make the process easier, take a picture of the still life you’re going to draw. Print out the picture on computer paper and then cover the back of the paper with black charcoal. Place the picture face up on the toned paper and outline the still life in the picture with a wooden skewer. This will leave an outline of charcoal on the toned paper. If these instructions confuse you, try Wiki-How’s instructions on how to trace from a picture.
  3. Different websites and blogs can teach you how to draw metal objects or how to work with charcoal. can help you understand the light and shading of metal objects; while can help you understand charcoal.
  4. Diving into the drawing is the best way to start, don’t be afraid of it looking bad, it’s supposed to be hand-made.

Katie Pearson

Like this? Lets make this complex drawing simple: 

Instead of drawing the whole image, make it a collage. Cut out different parts of the printed picture and paste it onto the toned paper. The diamond would be a good part of the ring to cut out because it’s the hardest to draw. You could also print the picture in different color tones, cut out everything separately and paste them onto the paper only drawing the shadows. Make the drawing yours and do this to your skill level, especially if you have no drawing experience.

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