Black white and red all over

Posted on November 8, 2011


Over the weekend my work, The Daily O’Collegian, decided to throw a party to get the staffers to better know each other. I had a little extra time getting ready when I looked down at my nails and saw that they needed to be cleaned up. I remember reading a blog a while back about something called “newspaper nails” so I found the blog again and made the effort to design my nails. What would be better suited to go to an O’Colly party than wear “newspaper nails?”


  1. Paint your nails with a light base color. Gray, white, or nude would work best because it gives your nails the “newspaper” effect. Although, any light color would work.
  2. After they dry dip your nail in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds.
  3. Place a ripped piece of newspaper on top of the nail and press down for a few seconds.
  4. Gently take the newspaper off the nail and let it dry.
  5. Apply a clear top coat to seal in the newspaper ink.
  6. Repeat with all nails.
Here is a Youtube video that better shows the steps on how to make “newspaper nails.”

Katie Pearson

Like this? Lets make this complex design simple: 

This design is already pretty simple, but if you just want pretty nails and not necessarily “newspaper nails” try Sally Hanson’s Crackle Overcoat. This is a new, simple trend that makes your nails look awesome.

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