Bake a football with cupcakes

Posted on December 6, 2011


Football around this time of the year is always a big hype. With Oklahoma State University going to the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford, and Arkansas and Kansas playing each other in the Cotton Bowl it’s time to start thinking of clever food ideas to have at your watch parties. Cupcakes are an easy snack that can be arranged to form a football, and with a little icing a cupcake football is being served.


  • Use chocolate cupcake mix and chocolate icing to make your cupcakes, this will better simulate the color of a football.
  • Follow the instructions on the cupcake box to bake your cupcakes
  • Arrange the cupcakes in the shape of a football
  • Put white icing in a plastic bag and put the tip of the bag off
  • Spread the icing on the cupcakes to simulate the laces of a football
There are many different ways your can decorate your cupcakes to represent the team your rooting for (the picture below was taken while I was home in Arkansas, although I am an OSU fan). You can reprsent the team your rooting for by making mini-flags with toothpicks or incorporating your teams colors into the cupcakes; has a bunch of different ideas in how to show your team spirit with your cupcakes. If you’re an expert pastry chef, here is a much more complicated blog on how to make your cupcakes “football themed” if you’re ready to take on that challenge.

Katie Pearson

Like this? Lets simplify this complex recipe. 

A cute, and simple idea would be to buy trays in a variety of football shapes such as helmets or footballs to bake your cupcakes in. These types of trays can be found at This way no icing work or arranging work is done, it’s a pre-made football cupcake shape!

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